Every Last Drop

What do you intend to do with your life?

That’s a question that gets us looking forward and outward, isn’t it? We think of those dreams in our hearts that seem just out of reach or what we wish we could be doing a few years from now. Very rarely does it ever get me talking about what I’m doing now–like, today. In fact, how often do we find ourselves walking through the days, weeks, and months of our lives in what almost seems like an unconscious, monotonous biding of time? It’s what I call living with the Someday mentality.

Someday, when I’m making enough money, I’d like to be generous and donate my money or time to X-cause. Someday, when my life is less busy, I’ll go back to school and get that degree in that area of study that I’ve always been interested in. Someday, I’ll start that blog that I’ve been thinking about starting. Someday, I’ll volunteer. Someday, I’ll write that book. Someday, I’ll do that thing.

I was a Someday girl for a very long time. Like…a. very. long. time. It never quite felt like the right time to do the things that I wanted to do. Even when it did, I’d second guess myself right into inaction, often by falling into the trap of comparison. For example, I started a blog a few years ago. Actually, I should say I “started” a blog a few years ago, because I posted about once every 4-6 months (yes…two-three times a year) and I never really kept up with it. I became a slave to comparison, and NOTHING kills creativity and confidence like comparison does. You know what I mean, don’t you? That small (but loud!) voice that says what do you have to say that’s so important? Isn’t she saying it better than you could? Her blog looks better. She’s much prettier. She’s got more friends than you do–she’s way more popular! Do you really think you have what it takes? I struggled with it for a while until I just gave up. I thought to myself, someday…just not today. Someday.

The issue with a someday mentality is that it makes us forget that life isn’t an arbitrary stringing together of events; there’s God-purpose in every day! The Someday mentality is the opposite of the Every Last Drop mentality. The heart of the Every Last Drop mentality is that every single day matters. NOT that we are perfect everyday, but that we use the grace that’s for today, today. What does that mean? It means not trying to store it up for later (i.e. someday) or for when all our ducks are in a row. Right now is the time for something and we’ll only live our “every last drop” life if we use today what’s meant for today (which makes room for what’s to come tomorrow).  It means that we live each day with a sense of intentionality and an understanding that there’s no such thing as wasted time because our time is valuable. All of it! It means living life with the goal that when we are face-to-face with God, we can say, “I used it all, Lord. Everything you poured into me, I used it all.”

Firstly (and its really important that we hear this), living an every last drop kind of life does NOT mean trying to do it all or be all things to all people. Sometimes we get so caught up trying to do everything, and we get so busy being busy that we miss the main thing! My Pastor often says, “If the devil can’t kill you by getting you to do bad things, he will distract you by keeping you busy doing good things.” Come on somebody! *praise hands* Neither does it mean living an Instagram-inspiration life where we only speak in affirmations and smile. Living an every-last-drop kind of life is more about creating margins in our life that allow us to live with deep-rooted intention. So, while “every last drop” can sound a lot like “doing more,” oftentimes its just the opposite. It may sound counterintuitive, but sometimes doing less, in general, allows us to do more, in particular. It lets us be more intentional with our time and with our lives. It lets us be more purposeful.

  1. done on purpose.
  1. the reason for which something is created or for which something exists.

By definition, living our every-last-drop (intentional) life means: living a life that reflects what we were created for/the reason we exist!

A few weeks ago I was offered a new position at my fairly new job that would place a higher demand on me in a few different ways. It would also come with a raise and a few perks. Coming out of a very full season at my old job and going into a more restful and restorative one (a season that is undoubtedly God-ordained), I struggled with deciding what to do. The restfulness that I’ve been experiencing has been making room for me to be more intentional with being a part of building our church (my life’s passion) and is giving me time to invest in some heart-goals, like my writing. I knew that the perks of the job would be good, but ultimately I had to make an intentional decision to turn down the offer and honor the margins that this specific season is creating in my life.

It’s not always easy–we’ll be faced with tough choices, especially in this world full of options. One thing I’m certain of, though, is that the end result will be beautiful and oh-so worth it. I know there will be very full days ahead, but for now, this is the season I’m in and I’m choosing to get out of it everything that I’m supposed to. These margins are giving me space to grow in ways that is making me fruitful now and is also setting me up for my God-purposed future–readying me for what’s ahead.

Recently, I caught a glimpse of a taxi cab that had the words “Always Ready” painted across the side and it hit me like a ton of bricks (the words, not the cab). You see, these words are at the very center of the Every Last Drop mentality!  They reminded me of Jesus and how he’s always ready to forgive, always ready to embrace and always ready to refresh a weary soul (thank God for that!). Jesus was always ready, because he lived every single day of his life here on Earth with intention! He truly gave every last drop because he made every day count by living with his Earthly purpose in mind.

When we truly begin to understand that God has purpose for our every day lives, not just our “someday” lives, we learn to take hold of the moments that we have now. We learn to live our present with intention which in turn keeps us ready for whatever’s ahead.

With that in mind, I made a list of things that I want to be intentional about so that I will always be ready to live this every last drop kind of life. I’d love to share a few with you.

I want to be:

  • Intentionally kind. Always ready to treat people with kindness, even when (especially when) it means swallowing my pride. 
  • Intentionally generous. Always ready to be a giver when it comes to my life, my time and my finances.
  • Intentionally loving. Always ready to love. Everyone. Even when they seem unlovable. Especially when they seem unlovable. 
  • Intentionally encouraging. Always ready to look for opportunities to refresh those around me.
  • Intentionally graceful. Always ready to practice patience.
  • Intentionally forgiving. Always ready overlook or let go of offenses.
  • Intentionally welcoming. Always ready to live life with wide open arms.

It’s a tall order, I know. I’m constantly falling short and I’m sure will take me the rest of my life this side of eternity, but as Paul says in Philippians 3:12 :

Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already been perfected, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me.

So, friends, I’ll ask you again: what do you intend to do with your life? Because it all starts with what you intend to do with today. Are you living today with your purpose in mind? How can you get every last drop out of today?

2 thoughts on “Every Last Drop

  1. I’m in awe of you! The vulnerability of your writing is so relatable that I can’t help but it to be motivated by it. Thank you for sharing 💕💕


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