The Proverbs Project: Day 2

Megan D.

Proverbs 2: 1 – 11

My child, will you treasure my wisdom?
Then, and only then, will you acquire it.
And only if you accept my advice
and hide it within will you succeed.
2 So train your heart to listen when I speak
and open your spirit wide to expand your discernment—
then pass it on to your sons and daughters.[a]
3 Yes, cry out for comprehension and intercede for insight.
4 For if you keep seeking it like a man would seek for sterling silver,
searching in hidden places for cherished treasure,
5 then you will discover the fear of the Lord
and find the true knowledge of God.
6 Wisdom is a gift from a generous God,
and every word he speaks is full of revelation
and becomes a fountain of understanding within you.[b]
7–8 For the Lord has a hidden storehouse of wisdom
made accessible to his godly lovers.[c]
He becomes your personal bodyguard as you follow his ways,
protecting and guarding you as you choose what is right.
9 Then you will discover all that is just, proper, and fair,
and be empowered to make the right decisions
as you walk into your destiny.
10 When wisdom wins your heart and revelation breaks in,
true pleasure enters your soul.
11 If you choose to follow good counsel,
divine design will watch over you
and understanding will protect you
from making poor choices.


The first thing I notice when reading the passage is that the author begins with posing a question, “My child, will you treasure my wisdom?”  Asking a question invites a response.  It is active.  It causes the reader to pause and think.  In verse 2 the author tells us to train our heart to listen, open our spirit wide, pass it on to our sons and daughters.  He continues on to tell us to keep seeking it and searching for it.  THEN we will discover the fear of the Lord and find the true knowledge of God.  It is a thrilling and exciting invitation of discovery, unlocking the treasures of heaven on each expedition.

I love this about proverbs.  We get to see that wisdom isn’t something that we are born with, but true wisdom is active and requires us to seek it and actively search for it.  In an age where information and knowledge is available at the click of a button or the scroll of a screen, wisdom is something much more valuable and requires us to partner with God in our search for it.  It is actually our choice to follow wisdom.  Yet another example of God’s nature, never forcing us, but asking us to choose him.


Seeking wisdom is active.  What are some ways we can actively seek wisdom?

  1. Read the Bible – God’s word is full of wisdom.  Take 10 minutes in the morning and read through 1-2 chapters of the Bible.  Read until something strikes your spirit.  Do a S.O.A.P (you’re doing one now, so you’re already ahead of the game!).  If you don’t know where to start, the Gospel of John is always a good place.
  2. Pray – Ask God for wisdom.  James 1:5 tells us that “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.”  If you don’t know how to pray, just begin by saying “Thank You” to God for things you are grateful for and then ask him a question like “Lord, what are you saying to me today?”  I bet you’ll be surprised at what you hear
  3. Ask Questions – Most of us have people in our lives who are full of wisdom and life experience, who are further along on the journey with Jesus.   Find these people and ask them questions.  It’s very likely that they have gone through something similar or have some Godly and Biblical wisdom to pass on.  And no, YOU ARE NOT BOTHERING THEM.  God has given us wisdom and experiences not for us, but to help others.  The Gospel was never meant to stop with us.  One day, you may find that you are the person giving the Godly wisdom and passing it on to someone in need.


Father, thank you that I have the opportunity to talk with you and to seek your wisdom.  I am so grateful that I don’t have to do this journey alone.  Lord, forgive me for trying to do this on my own for so long.  I pray today, Lord, that you would help me to actively seek your wisdom.  Help me to be disciplined in reading your Word and asking questions.  Help me to ask you for your guidance in every circumstance and I pray you would surround me with wise, Godly counsel to help me along the way.  Lord, I pray that you grow in me in wisdom and maturity so that I may help others along the way as well.  I love you Jesus, in your name I pray.  Amen.

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Megan is a single gal living in NYC (the best city in the world) and working in ministry. She is passionate about helping women grow in their confidence of who God has created them to be and helping them develop their God-given gifts and talents.  She has lots of great stories to tell so just ask!

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