The Proverbs Project: Day 21

Macielle R

Proverbs 21:1

O Lord, in Your strength the king is glad! How great is his joy in Your saving power!

At times I think that I am superwoman;  I can do it all! Hear me ROAR (we all have been there at some point). It’s not that it is bad that we think that we can do it all and that we are determined to crush goals and do things on our own, but it does become an issue when we only rely on ourselves. In Proverbs 21:1, David says, “O Lord, in Your strength the king is glad! How great is his joy in Your saving power!” This one tiny verse made it very apparent that the King was glad in God’s strength and God’s saving power.  Ladies and Gents, you don’t have to do it on your own, you don’t have to do this alone. You can count on Gods strength for everything and you can count on it every day. Don’t forget His saving power! I just think about God sending his Son to die for my sins! This is the type of saving power that God extends to us daily. We have access to God’s strength and his saving power daily! When you feel overwhelmed, tired or just like you need someone in your corner, don’t forget that you have access to God’s saving power and strength!

Side Note:

Mental Health Awareness: It is OK to seek Mental Health services! It doesn’t mean that you don’t trust God or that you are not relying on his help. You can seek help and still trust God! We sometimes need to seek Mental Health professionals to help us through our difficult times! If you need help, please seek it! -Macielle



Macielle loves to travel, eat and her heart is to help others in any way possible. She has a passion for teaching and hopes to write a book geared to empowering women through devotions!

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